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Mongolia from the seat of a motorcycle brought to you by Mongolia Moto Adventures

Experience a unique and exciting adventure in the breathtakingly beautiful country of Mongolia with our off road excursions! Explore a land of vast plains, high mountains, crystal clear lakes and barren deserts, a land of horses, riders and thousand-head herds, a land which is beautiful and hospitable but rugged and severe like the people that live there, a land with a thousand-year history, a land where the past and tradition are bound together with the present.

The Gobi trip will take you to the south of Mongolia near the Chinese border in the Khongoyrn Els region. There we will visit Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park where the steppe changes into a desert of many dunes. This trip will focus mainly on sand-riding activities.

The Lake Khuvsgul trip will take you through a landscape of steppes and mountains, beautiful in its vastness and diversity. We will head southwest to Hustai National Park, see the sand dunes of Mongol Els, visit the temples of Kharkhorin and see sparkling lake Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur. The highpoint of this journey will surely be the days spent at in the stunning surroundings of lake Chuvsgul.

The Dadal excursion takes us east into a land of forests, mountains and rivers, the birthplace of Chinggis Khan. We will also visit the Naadam Festival, Mongolia’s largest and liveliest festival. Here you will watch the games of Mongolian wrestling, archery and traditional horse races which carry much prestige for Mongolian men.

Terms for 2019

Trip Dates Destination
I. 12.6. - 27.6. Khuvsgul
II. 4.7. - 25.7 Altai Trip
III. 8.8. - 21.8. Dadal
IV. 28.8. - 10.9. Gobi

We have provided

8 motorcycles BMW G 650 XChallenge reliable German motorcycles, which are equipped with Touratech parts for maximum endurance on off-road rides. 2 support cars – One which carries spare parts, tools, tents and camping equipment, and a second one for your personal items and supplies. Support team – a guide, a mechanic and a cook.

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